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December 1, 2011

Guest List

(click to enlarge)
Grab the guest list because we are making place cards. 

First I need to share my new art project find, "Nat Geo Art". I stumbled on this project on youtube and was so fascinated with the results I immediately ordered Citrasolv. A couple weeks later I stumbled on a pile of National Geographic Magazines from 1978 on a recent "junking" adventure with a girlfriend of mine. How lucky am I?  
Ok-Here are the Why's...
-Why Nat Geo? From what I understand the magazines were made with a certain type of ink that reacts to the degreaser(which leads me to the next why).
Why Citrasolv? Apparently this reacts the best to the ink.
Why 1978? The magazine should be at least 10 years old or older I'm guessing it's because they(Nat Geo) no longer use this type of ink.

Here are the steps to create this beautiful abstract art paper. 
1. Simply paint on a generous amount of the orange degreaser on all pages or pages you wish to alter.
2. Close the magazine pat down excess and leave it closed for 30mins.
3. Be ready to be amazed. Open the magazine rip out the pages and hang or lay them on a flat surface to dry.
**Note: this is very messy so be sure to protect your surface area**
Just look at the images... this makes me so happy.
So now you have a ton of this paper, what now? The first thing I made was place cards.
I mod podge(glued) the paper to plain white card stock for stability and since I still have a little chalk paint left over from my chalk board I went ahead and painted name boxes on each card. 
I can erase if I spell someones name wrong or make last minutes changes. 

**Note when painting on the chalk paint use a paint brush. It makes for a much smoother surface than something like a sponge brush**