May 1, 2014

Sculpture for the Garden

Intermediate sculpture has to be one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. 

 That's not to say that it's always smooth sailing and things always work out. Take a look at the big sphere, you can see where the rounds are not touching each other. Not to worry…part of being an artist is figuring out ways to make mistakes work for you. I'll end up stacking these so it won't be noticeable in the end.  

I'm MIG welding steel rounds and flats creating 3 spheres total, then welding those together.

 3 spheres done!

Now its time to make a base out of sheets of metal. I don't have a photo of the sheet but here are the circles i've cut out with the plasma cutter(one of my favorite tools btw). 

Now its time to grind down the jagged edges with a hand-grinder. 

Heres is a closer look at some of my welds. Not the prettiest welds but I will continue to work on them.

Here is another look at the final product. Thanks for looking! 

<3 Janina


  1. I am a new visitor here and find your blog fascinating. Love your work!


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