June 21, 2013

Summer Patio Redo

Are you ready for summer yet? If you are like me you probably won't be ready for a while because you have piled on school, work, a few DIY projects and oh yea, another move! Ce'st la vie, no? Well, in preparation for my move, I've got a few projects to get done post-haste, since I won't have a garage or a yard to work out of. So without further ado, I bring you the before pics of my very ugly, old, patio set(can't even call it furniture). 

 As you can see I've attempted a "redo" before...but could never decide on a color until now.

...and the rosemary bushes...they are coming with. 
Here is where a yard comes in handy.

Que creen? 4- cans of white spray paint, less than 1/2 a can of yellow spray paint, a couple of striped pillows from "HomeGoods" and there you have it, just in time for summer and right before the move. 

Voila!! Que bonito, no? :)

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