March 15, 2013

Painters Table

As the months and years go by, after yet another move to a new home, sometimes things get a little beat  up and you wonder whether or not its time to let them go.  Maybe your needs have changed or you've just outgrown a certain style. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn't give up on pieces with good bones. 

Here we have exhibit A: victim of storage scraps and mover dings. Not to worry, I have new plans for this little guy.  I'll I need is a: 
drill gun
a block of wood
glass(home depot will custom cut)
spray paint

Once you've drilled the holes to fit each paint brush on the wood block drill the holes for the caster's, then turn the table upside down and attach a wood screw through the table and into the wood block with the holes in it, that way it doesn't move on you when grabbing your brushes. Turn right side up and spray paint the whole thing. Allow to dry and affix your glass top last, you can secure with a little caulking if you have any gaps or are afraid of getting paint underneath the glass. Oh, finally, instead of using a dowel rod as a napkin holder I just nailed 2 tiny nails, ran some small gauge wire and tied the ends to each nail. This keeps the napkins off the storage area and rolls just fine. 

There you have it, a rolling painters table! 
Beats the ultra fancy stuff you find on-line or in expensive art stores. Like this one:

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