December 13, 2012

#Terrariums and Mini Gardens

If you've been on #Pinterest at all you might have noticed an increased popularity of terrariums, mini gardens, and fairy gardens. This whimsical hobby is fun for the whole family and the possibilities are endless. Here are a few I came up with: 

Leprechaun Garden

Yoda's Bonsai

Candle Lantern Garden
Candle lantern's are not only good for candles they make great center pieces and even better terrariums. 
Terrarium with battery operated LED lights.

(Close up)

Putting travel souvenir's to good use. 

Top view.

I only wish I could get my hands on greener, smaller moss. Maybe I'll make my own. I found a recipe on... you guessed it Pinterest(there is beer involved-can't wait to try it). 

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