December 8, 2011


Watch this old cabinet door transform.
 Take this old cabinet door. Clean it up, sand it down and spray paint it.

 Rip up a few pages from your used book and lay them out so you have an idea of the number of pages you'll need.

 Take your trusty modpodge out and do your thing. Allow the glue to dry completely. Once glue has dried apply a coat of clear poly, repeat if necessary. 

 Don't forget to add sctrach pads on the back of the door, you don't want to scratch up your furniture or have an uneven tray from the screws of the handles. 

Now you can attached the handles. 

Isn't she beautiful?


 This would make an awesome Christmas gift. 

Bonne Journee


  1. Beautiful!! I've never thought of making a tray out of an old cabinet door- what a great idea!!

  2. Gorgeous! Makes me want to open a bottle! ;)


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