November 16, 2011

Sunset Dreams

A room make-over for a special 12 year old girl. My daughter. This is her first big move. She has moved in the past, but she was too young to remember. This time she is the cool girl on campus and about to enter the 6th grade in a brand new state, and a brand new school. To say the move was tough on her would be an understatement.
What's a mother to do? Try and make her room a haven. So I asked her what theme she would like, and she replied, "I want a California room with a sunset".  I told her to google a photo and I would try my very best to recreate it. Here is the actual photo. 
Okay, I have my work cut out for me. Here goes nothing...
More Prep.
The base of the sunset. At this point I am a little frustrated, because the paint is drying too fast. I need glaze quick.
Well...Here is the finished product. (Working on curtains of course)
Equipped with a CA license plate.
No, I'm not a professional and this isn't perfect but the room was a big hit for my little one and  that's all that matter's to me. Now California is never too far away.


  1. Fabulous! I guess your daughter must love her room! Loving that hue of purple. XoXo


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