November 3, 2011

Just in time

 Paper Wreaths. A tutorial, just in time for the holidays. You can make one and change out the center for any occasion. The possibilities are endless.


Alright lets get to it. First things first, cut out a circle (you can use cardboard, foam board, and even precut cake circles, just make sure you can punch a hole in it). The bigger the circle, the bigger the pages, the bigger the wreath.
 Next, take your used-read ten times-now it's time to donate-or throw away book, and rip out the pages. You want a good amount of loose paper ready to go.
 Now with the help of my assistant (whom apparently was painting-notice the dark mark on her hand) we fold. Grab ends of paper and bring them together.
 One corner will be pulled into the cone, and should be slightly lower than the outer corner. Just like a pipping bag.
Make sure the edge of the inner corner is tucked under.
Avoid This

Tighten the cone if it is too loose or round. You'll need to be very careful not to crumple up the paper, you want a good handle on this but not a death grip. 
You'll need one hand free for glueing, so hold it tight, but not too tight.
 Once your desired cone shape has been achieved, it's time for hot glue. You can use stick glue, but I prefer using hot glue because it makes the process move along quickly. Just be careful not to burn your fingers.
Time for that cardboard circle you cut out earlier. Add a dab of glue in the center and start glueing the cones one by one. 
About half way though, hole punch your circle, you can do this at the very beginning.
Tie a ribbon or string through it. Note; this will not be seen once the other cones are added, so it doesn't matter what color or material it is. (You can add ribbon to this to create a bow, etc...See my Halloween wreath)
First row is done.
This project is pretty forgiving, if you have any gaps when your done, glue them together. 
 Now it's time for the top row. This is a little more tricky, especially if you are using the same size cones because you start to run out of room in the center. If you run into this problem pinch the very ends to make room (remember the center will not be seen) this area will be covered.

Avoid This
Make sure all the points meet in the center and avoid simply overlapping, it is not cute. Only took 2 wreaths to get it down.  I still get lazy sometimes and let some things slip through the cracks, hopefully you'll do better. 

Most important thing is to keep the cone opening facing upward. Try not to let them turn to the side, also the top layer needs to be right below the bottom layer or you will not be able to see the bottom row.

This one will stay in my girlie craft room. :)

Everyday & custom wreaths.

Let me know if you try this. I would love to see how you do. Hope this helps, happy wreathing everyone.


  1. Thanks, I can't wait to make one for myself. Love the old book leaves, I think I'll use an old gospel songbook, I've been saving for something just like this.

  2. They're all so pretty, I love the idea of changing them out for the holidays.

  3. That is so cool! We made these in Bible school in the 1960's when I was little. My mom made several for Christmas gifts! Thanks for the memory.



  4. So cute! I will have to try this, I am bookmarking this page! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  5. Love these- thanks so much for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  6. Great tutorial- I made a wreath out of 100 year old dictionary pages and it is the centerpiece for a makeover I just blogged about- Would love you to take a look! Again, beautiful site and wonderful work! I couldn't have done it w/out you!


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