October 7, 2011

A long story, short.

Time for some bedside table lamps.
This was the perfect stop.
This place is filled to the gills with junkn' treasures.

 There's stuff in the driveway.

 In the backyard.

 In the attic. There's even stuff in the house next door.

And then I spot them. I must have these. So we dance, bargain that is. No sooner than the deal was brokered, and before I could even get these beauties into my home, does a certain someone who will remain nameless, break one of the lamps. Tear. I hold back the anger-he must be testing my "zen". No worries, I convince myself it will be ok. 

 So I take her home and commence lamp surgery. First, taking both lamp's apart to thoroughly clean them, because they have been neglected for who know's how long. Then comes the crazy glue(this has to work because I'm not buying anymore lamp's).

Et voila. Problem solved. Smiling now. Especially since I will be putting this lamp on nameless persons' side of the bed(heh heh).

There she is. All dolled up with a brand new lamp shade and a new base color. The base is metal primed white for now, incase I want a metallic, or even a high gloss white finish later on. 

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