October 3, 2011

Google + and Pinterest

I am so upset because I lost most of my blog pics while adjusting my photo settings on this new "google+" whatever it is. Ughh! I am so furious. I have to go through my computer to try and match up pics with blog posts I've posted in the past. Which is going to be difficult because I have deleted so many photo's and old documents to make room on my computer.

I guess I should get posting, since my blog has thinned out so much. So I'll leave you with this picture of my mason jar soap dispenser and q-tip, cotton ball holder. I love this idea, I had to make it it after I saw it on Pinterest (you can follow me by clicking on the link). Love the site by the way.

Happy Pinning.


  1. That's too bad..it's so hard to lose all your stuff. Not a fun thing..wishing you luck..

  2. Replies
    1. A Votive candle holder is what they used..

  3. Where did you get the soap pump & how is it attached?

    1. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-turn-a-mason-jar-into-a-109086

      I found this web site that shows how to do it. I hope it helps.


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