October 23, 2011


I know what your thinking. Why on earth would I ever purchase these hideous looking things? I'll tell you why, because I am in desperate need of bedside tables. I have been without them for quite some time now, and I can no longer put them off. Moreover, these guys were a fraction of the price of some bedside tables I've seen thus far.  
When I set out on my hunt for this particular item(s), I made myself a criteria's list which included; an identical pair(although I'm not a stickler on matching pieces-just felt they had to be for this), I preferred a square shape as opposed to a round one, I wanted legs, and finally, a drawer. Bingo! They had it all, so I loaded them into the car, brought them home and worked my magic. 
There they are, all cleaned up, spray painted, and jeweled up. 
I used a few, old, shower curtain hooks for the drawer pulls. I had to pull out the "hooks" with pliers for a smooth surface on the back, once the metal was off, I applied a little E600 glue and presto, not your ordinary knobs but these work very well. I also borrowed glass from the entertainment center in the living room and used them as glass tops. 
I love the way they turned out, they make perfect bedside table's and I finally have a place for my gorgeous crystal lamps. 


  1. Well you obviously have a fine eye, because while they were a little sad looking originally, they did sport a very fine shape. And with this clever transformation (shower hooks?? now that's thinking outside of the box!!) they are now very glam - and suit the lamps beautifully. A great outcome! Virginia xx

  2. Gorgeous!! Who would have thought these two previously ugly tables could be so incredibly beautiful!! You've got the touch! I'm a new follower- I love your style.

  3. Way to give those worn out tables a glamorous makeover! They look fantastic :)

  4. I like what you did... it's reminiscent of those mirrored tables... good job!


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