September 8, 2011


Office space in the works... :)

(Told you most of my stuff was dark... Can't wait to paint)

To create this look for your space...
1. First you will need a thin large piece of wood(home depot will sell you scrap wood for a 1/3 of the cost-and cut it to your hearts desire for free)or, if you are able to, paint your wall with chalkboard paint. One can is all you need.


2. The following items: 

2 Magnetic Strips
$8.99 ea.
Ikea magnetic strip found here(

2 Picture Ledges
$9.99 ea.
Ikea picture ledge found here(

3 Shelf Inserts

$5.99 ea.
Ikea shelf inserts found here (

1 Curtain Rod

Ikea curtain rod found here(

3. Assembly
  • Attach the magnet strip's to the picture ledge's(you will need a drill gun for this), then attach the ledge's directly on to your chalkboard through the wall. 
  • Once the ledge's are secure attach the curtain rod underneath the picture ledge. 
  • As for the shelving, I turned them upside down so I would have a lip to keep things from falling of the shelves. I also omitted a pair of the shelf legs using only the actual shelf to cap of the top shelf. 

Thats it folks, embellishment's are up to you. You can improve, change, or rearrange however you like. 
**Since the move I no longer have just a "spot", I now have an entire room to work in-small, but it sure beat's the heck out of working in the bedroom. I get to paint the new office and add a few things too. Yippee! 


  1. Dear Janina,

    What a great job you did there. I might 'steal' a few ideas for my personal woman cave which needs a serious make-over.


  2. listening to Serge aeroplanes now ;) not sure if it is the mix you are talking about but hey ;)

    I love your make over too.. Chalkboard paint is just so great!

  3. ADORABLE !!!!

    thanks for sharing !


  4. Keeping your supplies, like ribbon, at hand and as a decorative object- great job.

  5. Gorgeous!

    Hope you can peek at my PINK post, have a blessed Sunday!

  6. I love the makeover, it's so inspiring.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, well done. SO CUTE. winks-jen

  8. Gorgeous!! Can you come do my craft room? JK, but I do love it! New GFC follower via CraftOManiac.

  9. ... Or not. Oops! You are now in my reader of choice!

  10. What a nice space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    janina , kisses !!!!

  11. You have a mason jar soap dispenser/cotton ball and q-tip holder on Pinterest and I was wondering where the DIY instructions for that are? I followed the link to no avail but, you do have some very clever other ideas going on! Very Crafty, Chica! :)


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